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January 2010

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Character Memes

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

So. . . who's doing the quiz?
Ronni: *plops in chair, musses up her hair and pulls out carving and knife* Alright, ask your questions. *whittles*
Cordie: *sits and smooths out shirt* What can I do for you?
Pallavi: Hi
Ziarre: Ok, I have much more important things to do. Can we hurry this up?
Zylli: Yeah, me too. Oreius is bored. *blush*

1. What's your favorite food?
Ronni: Rum.
Cordie: Those shrimp things were good at Norrington's promotion...
Pallavi: Sushi is pretty good. But don't tell my neighbors that. They would think that I might eat them.
Ziarre: Earth ice cream is good.
Zylli: Wine.

2. Are you a virgin?
Ronni: Not really, no. *shrug*
Cordie: *wide eyed* Ronni!
Ronni: Are you gonna answer the dumb question or not?
Cordie. *blush* ...yes.
Ronni: Liar.
Cordie: NO! Really! I am!
Pallavi: *watches with great interest* What's a virgin?
Ziarre: No.
Zylli: I'm married and I have a daughter. What do you think?
Cordie: You have a daughter? But you're so young!
Zylli: I'm 120 years old, Cordie.
Cordie: Oh.

3. What kind of movies do you watch?
Ronni: What are...movies?
Cordie: ...
Pallavi: Yeah, I've never heard of these movie things either.
Ziarre: Data and I watch them from time to time. You're not missing much. But that 300 film is interesting. I never though Human males could be attractive. Well, Data is attractive...nevermind.
Zylli: I'm lost.

4. Are you married?
Ronni: PFFT! no.
Cordie: Lord knows men have tried to gain our affections.
Pallavi: I have a fiance, but i'm not married yet.
Ziarre: No. I haven't had time to marry.
Zylli: Yes, and happily so.

5. Have you ever gotten drunk before?
Ronni: *evil grin* Yes.
Cordie: Yes. and it was a terrible experience.
Pallavi: No
Ziarre: How can you get drunk anyway? You live underwater!
Zylli: Yes. It was wonderful.
Ronni: Yeah! *slaps Zylli on the shoulder with pride*

6. Do you have a celebrity crush?
Ronni: That Gerard Butler guy is pretty hot.
Cordie: *blushes* Johnny Depp.
Pallavi: Craig Ferguson.
Ziarre: Brent Spiner
Zylli: Patrick Kake

7. Your embarrassing moment?
Ronni: Um...Jack saw me naked once, that was interesting.
Cordie: *blushes furiously* you were naked in front of Captain Sparrow?!
Ronni: You're just jealous. Now answer the question.
Cordie: No, I'm not jealous!!
Ronni: Stop avoid the question. You have to answer it.
Cordie: ...
Ronni: I'm going to answer for you if you don't hurry up.
Cordie: NO! Fine! I got drunk and kissed Captain Sparrow! There. I said it.
Ronni: Now was that so hard?
Cordie: *death glare*
Pallavi: YOU kissed Jack Sparrow?! He's disgusting!
Cordie: He's not that bad...
Ziarre: That's not as bad as being naked in front of people. I feel bad for Captian Picard. He walked in on me while I was naked...
Zylli: I'm the strange one. I can't think of ONE moment in time that I was most embarrassed.
Ronni: Yeah right, Zylli. Not one?
Zylli: Nope. Not one.

8. Your best friends?
Ronni: Jack. No competition.
Cordie: I'm close to Ronni and Captain Sparrow
Pallavi: My baby sister is my best friend.
Ziarre: Pallavi, that's sad.
Pallavi: Well, who is your best friend then, Miss Perfect?
Ziarre: Data and Riker.
Zylli: Thats sad that your lover and you commanding officer are you best friends.
Ziarre: Not near as sad as being best friends with a damn tree!
Zylli: She's a dryad!

9. Random sayings?
Ronni: Damn is the best I have.
Cordie: *shrug* I ask "why" a lot.
Pallavi: Splendiforous.
Ziarre: Zakmi Porfo. Don't ask me what it means.
Zylli: Wine.

10. If you saw a shooting star right now, what would you wish for?
Ronni: I would wish to meet Davy Jones
Cordie: To be braver.
Pallavi: I would just like to see the stars without being yelled at by my Mother.
Ziarre: I see shooting stars all the time. Only one of those wishes came true. And i'm still dating him.
Zylli: I made my wish. I'm now living it.

11. What is your favorite word?
Ronni: *shrug*
Cordie: Acrid.
Pallavi: Mustard
Ziarre: Cheese is an interesting word.
Zylli: Pompous

12. What song was sung to you when you were a child as you went to sleep?
Ronni: Mother wasn't much of a singer and Da didn't sing to me. But he did tell stories of the seas and their legends.
Cordie: I would listen to those stories too. If I still couldn't sleep Ronni would sing to me
Pallavi: It's not really singing. It can only be described as something that sounds like a whale.
Ziarre: And this put you to sleep? It would cause one to go deaf, I would imagine!
Pallavi: For someone who should have an open mind, you're very judgmental!
Zylli: My mother used to sing stories about the stars.
Ronni: At least one of you answered the question without being irritating

13. What was the best day or moment of your life?
Ronni: Getting away from Port Royal
Cordie: Becoming friends with Captain Sparrow
Ronni: If you two are such good friends, you would stop calling him Captain Sparrow and call him Jack.
Cordie: I just want to be proper!
Ronni: Damn you and your propriety.
Ziarre: Being proper does suck...And i would have to say that meeting Data would have to be my answer.
Pallavi: Seeing the sky for the first time
Zylli: Giving birth to Uri and seeing Oreius hold her for the first time.

14. How would you describe your voice?
Ronni: Quiet, low pitch but still feminine, a bit of an English bite to it.
Cordie: a little higher than Ronni's but very much the same.
Pallavi: It's a little high pitched...
Ronni: I'm not gonna lie, Pallavi...it's something that's a little hard to get used to.
Pallavi: *blush*
Ziarre: I've been told that it's low and sounds like I'm...purring.
Cordie: That's because it's true.
Zylli: I can't describe mine.
Pallavi: Yours is pretty. Very earthy.
Zylli: Well, thank you

15. Who is your favorite boyfriend(s)?
Ronni: I have never had a traditional relationship, but the new recruit on Norrington's crew was fun to play with *evil grin*
Cordie: I've never been with a man. Ever.
Pallavi: My fiance is my favorite. *grins*
Ziarre: Data. And I'm sorry for you, Cordie. Maybe you should stop lying to yourself and date Captain Sparrow.
Cordie: *turns purple in embarrassment*
Zylli: Oreius. He's my husband, but he still acts like a boyfriend.

16. Who is your Ex-boyfriend(s)?
Ronni: I don't really have one.
Cordie: Don't have one.
Pallavi: I dated this guy for awhile. We got into a huge fight and broke up. His name was Triton.
Ziarre: I was with the Commander of the Felictan fleet for awhile. He's an ass.
Zylli: I never dated really. I was married to the Army my entire life. Then I met Oreius

17. Do you have any gifts from your boyfriends from your first date? Who gave them to you and what are they?
Ronni: That recruit gave me a necklace once. I sold it.
Cordie: That's terrible!
Ronni: Oh? And what did you do with the ring that the Prince gave you when we lived back in England?
Cordie: I...I lost it?
Ronni: No. You gave to Mother for her birthday.
Cordie: At least I kept it in the family!
Pallavi: You two are disgusting. I've kept my first gift.
Cordie: What was it?
Pallavi: A pearl. I know it's cheesy, but I still love it.
Ziarre: I ripped up the present I was given. I don't even want to say what it is.
Zylli: Oreius didn't really give me a present on our first date. Our first date was reading the stars.
Cordie: That's sweet!
Zylli: I know. I loved those days

18. Who are you going to tag?
Anyone who wants to do this.